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God tells us in Genesis 2:18 that “it is not good to be alone”. It is with others that we grow, love, serve, heal and develop our relationship with Christ. Connecting with others is the heart of our church.

Following is a list of the small groups available at Evergreen New Hope.

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Young Adult Women      

2x/Month, Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Wayzata

Together we will read through the book & study of Shauna Nieqist's book Present Over Perfect. "In a culture that values speed, efficiency, image, and busyness, some of us are aching for another way to live: more intentional, more connected. ... Many of us have believed the myth that achievement and success bring us contentment, only to find it’s actually things like connection and meaning, not success and achievement, that provide true peace and genuine happiness."

Be the Church

Every other Tuesday, 6:00 PM, East Medicine Lake

Join us as we explore the book of Acts and learn what it means to "Be the Church". We will break bread together, study the Bible together, pray together and serve together. We will begin each evening with a potluck dinner, followed by studying a chapter from the book of Acts. We will also look to serve our community in practical ways.

Acts 1:8 Kingdom Journey

2x/Month, Tuesday, 7:00 PM , New Hope

God has called each one of us to be His witnesses in "Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."  Do you feel restless, wondering what that means to you individually?  We invite you to join us in seeking God and understanding better how to hear from Him.  We will be using the book "The Art of Listening Prayer".  Our desire is to encourage you in the Kingdom Journey that God has you on in whatever season of life you happen to be in.  We are a missions small group and will also come alongside those who are called to short or long term missions through prayer. 

Digging into God's Word

Every Sunday, 12:15 PM, New Hope

We're putting the Bible back in Bible study!  We'll be going through 1st and 2nd Peter together verse by verse, and if we make through those, we'll take up an Old Testament book and do the same.  1 Peter covers a variety of topics, including how we relate to government, how we function in our families, theology, holy living, suffering, leadership in the church, just to name a few!  2 Peter gets into false teaching and right teaching, and end times.  With these kinds of topics, we should have some lively conversations!  Everybody is welcome.

Reading the Bible For All It's Worth

Every other Thursday, 6:00 PM, Plymouth/New Hope

Are you new in your faith and want to know God’s word? Have you been a Christian for years but never learned to study the Bible? Do you secretly think the Bible is confusing, irrelevant, or just plain boring? If so, our group is for you. The Bible is rich in truth, meaning, and application for our lives. But if we don’t know how to study it for all its worth, we miss so much of what it has to offer. We’ll learn to dive deeper into God’s Word, bringing it to life on a whole new level.

Life After Halftime

Twice a month, Thursday, 6:30 PM, West Metro

Even if you haven’t gone through a mid-life crisis, entering or being smack-dab in the middle of the last half of your life can bring up soul searching questions of purpose and significance resulting from children leaving your home, dissatisfaction with your career, etc. It also is a time when worry, cynicism and pessimism can be more and more of a temptation when the future is cloudy and long time dreams/hopes have yet to materialize. Join us as we look into God’s Word and other resources to clarify our second half purpose and remain positive about life after halftime!


Truth and Lies    

Every other Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Place TBD

Truth and Lies. It sounds simple. Lies destroy and truth gives life. The devil is accusing Christians before God's throne day and night. What are we doing? Are we accusing? There is power when we believe the truth.  Lies can be subtle and easily justified in our hearts. "Maybe I didn't marry the right person". "I don't deserve to be treated like this."  "My spouse will never change." God wants to change us with His truth.  Come join us as we venture into God's well lit path of truth.  

A More Perfect Union

2x/’Month, Tuesday, 5:45 PM, Plymouth

Younger married couples -- with or without children -- growing together in Christ and learning from mature married couples in the church. Men's and women's breakout nights, fellowship and prayer activities.

Marriage On Fire MOF

Every Tuesday, 7:00 PM, New Hope

Working together to have a family whose marriage and parenting is moving forward (most of the time) . Join us as we tackle this, knowing we are far from perfect and on this journey, we blow it all the time. If you are in for an imperfect journey and trying to figure things out together- this is a good place to start. 

Married Couples - Parenting Based

Getting to the Heart of Parenting         

Every other Sunday, 6:30 PM, Church - Fireside Room         

Parenting is one of the hardest challenges any of us will face in our lives. We desire for our children to be strong in their faith and character. In this world full of idols and distractions, how do we get to the heart of our children to help shape their character the way God intended? Join us as we discuss this topic using videos from Paul Tripp’s “Getting to the Heart of Parenting” Paul is a pastor, author, and conference speaker best known for his book “Age of Opportunity.” Whether you are just starting your parenting journey or can see the end in sight, this group is for you. 

Gospel Centered Marriage

Every other Thursday, 6:30 PM, Minnetonka/Hopkins

What does the Gospel have to do with our marriage? Everything! Join us as we go through a resource called The Gospel Centered Marriage to help us understand how to apply God's truth and His salvation to our marriage . We will learn together how to allow the Gospel to shape our practical realities in our everyday life.  We will have child care available.


Teen House Church          

Every other Saturday, 6:00 PM, New Hope

The mission of Teen House Church is to train Evergreen New Hope's teens (8th through 12th graders) to be mature followers of Jesus Christ. The vehicle used to accomplish this mission is a unique, bi-weekly meeting. During this time, worship songs and biblical teachings are ordered around The Lord's Supper. We also provide opportunities for the teens to serve the New Hope community several times per year. Parents in general, and dads in particular, play an indispensable role in training up the teens in the way they should go, and are encouraged to attend and participate in each House Church.

Teen Proverbs Study

Every Thursday, 7:00 PM, New Hope

This group is intended for building into the young men of the church and equipping them to become godly examples among their peers. We will be following a close-knit small group format by meeting in homes, having open discussions, and praying over one another. The group will be using the book "Studies on the Go" by David Olshine, primarily studying the book of Proverbs. The main vision for this group is to equip young men with Godly wisdom and prepare them for the years ahead.





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