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      Evergreen Church is located in New Hope off of Highway 169 and 36th Avenue North.

3351 Independence Ave N, New Hope, MN. Get driving directions by Google Maps.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the weekend services?

Our Sunday service teaches basic Christian principles that you can apply to your everyday life. Services are casual and designed to be comfortable especially for those who are not regular church attenders.

What is a small group?

Small groups are one of the most vital functions of the church. A small group is a group of 8-16 people that meet in homes. In these smaller groups people can experience rich, meaningful relationships as they discover God together. Small groups at Evergreen also supply a practical support system for meeting one another’s needs. It’s easy to get involved in an Evergreen small group. You can visit our small group page to get specific information.

What kind of church is Evergreen?

Evergreen Church is a contemporary, nondenominational, evangelical Christian church. We are affiliated with Great Commission Association. Our goal is to put New Testament Christianity in Action Today. That mission guides every aspect of our programs and ministry so that you experience it in ways that are tangible, practical and meaningful. We have five locations in the Twin Cities: we are "One Church with Many Locations."

What does "One Church, Many Locations" mean?

Although we meet in five different locations throughout the Twin Cities, Evergreen is one church. We chose this strategy to keep our leadership team together, maximize office efficiency and create a greater sense of unity in our mission to reach the Twin Cities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Evergreen currently has locations in Lakeville, Bloomington, New Hope, and South Minneapolis - The Rock and The Urban Refuge. The Rock is an Evergreen church designed specifically to meet the needs of students, young couples and singles. The Urban Refuge is an Evergreen church designed to meet the needs of urban and multicultural families.

How can I become a member?

Church membership is an important step for any growing Christian. We offer a new member seminar at each location that covers the history, philosophy and strategy of Evergreen, your purpose in life, your personal walk with God as well as basic Christian principles. God wants you to be involved with the greatest and most fulfilling work on this earth, and that work is taking place in the church! This seminar will give you an opportunity to become a member in God’s church and become united with other believers as we pursue God’s will together, growing in our faith and impacting our world. Membership seminars are offered periodically throughout the year. Check the announcements for upcoming classes.

How do I listen to the messages?

All teachings are recorded and available from our media library. Reviewing past messages reinforces what you’ve already heard and can help you grow in your spiritual life. You can listen while commuting, cleaning, exercising — the possibilities are endless. Click here for our online messages. 


Pastor Bios

Doug Patterson

Doug Patterson grew up on an Iowa farm, spent some time as a computer programmer, but was called by God and became a pastor in 1992. He is the co-founder of Evergreen New Hope that started in 1994. Doug’s pastoral role includes: Weekend preaching and teaching, leadership, counseling and discipleship of men in their walk with the Lord. As a speaker, Doug is known as a storyteller and history buff as he illustrates biblical truths and applications for everyday living.

Doug has been married to his wife, Nicki, since 1989. He is the father of five children; Joshua, Emily, Rebecca, Mikayla and Danielle. In his free time, Doug enjoys traveling with Nicki, fishing and anything having to do with the Civil War.

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Mark Stiglicz

Mark Stiglicz worked professionally in the automobile industry from 1990-2000, before being called as a pastor. In 1993, Mark surrendered his life to Christ as his personal Lord and Savior through the ministry of Evergreen Church. He became actively involved with Evergreen’s ministries as a small group leader and coach, and he and his wife Deb taught a pre-marriage course for dating and engaged couples.

In 2000, Mark was ordained as pastor at Evergreen New Hope. As co-pastor, his primary responsibilities and passions include church management, administration, teaching and discipleship.

Mark has been married to his wife, Deb, since 1994. They have three children: Anne, Jake, and Kate. Personally, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and is also an avid cyclist and NFL football fan.

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