The Church Has Left The Building


SENIOR CARE                                      

We will be hanging out with seniors at St Therese of New Hope Care Center. Activities may include bingo, playing instruments, singing, praying and visiting with residents, taking residents outside, yard work around the care center, etc. No age limit, but young children must be supervised.


On Friday July 26 in the evening we will be putting on a block party for our New Hope neighbors! Come help set out tables, prep and/or serve food, clean up, etc. Or we will also need adult and teen volunteers to set up and run carnival games. Set up for both dinner and games will begin at 5 o’clock and the event will run from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. The goal is to have approximately 8 to 10 game stations. Looking for volunteers with or without game station ideas to help set-up and run the games.


Give the gift of a free carwash and prayer to customers of Winnetka Fuel. 18-20 volunteers needed (ages 13 and up). Dress for car washing and according to the weather. All materials (sponges, hoses, chamois, buckets, etc.) will be provided. We will purchase bottled water from Winnetka Fuel, but please plan to purchase additional drinks/snacks from them as a way to thank them for making the location available to us!


We will be serving our neighbors in New Hope, Crystal, and Plymouth with their house or yard projects. Projects can range from anything like painting to landscaping. This will be an event for 16+ (or as young as 14 with parent consent). These events will take place July 25 and 26 in the morning and afternoon times. Specifics will be available prior as projects are arranged.


On Sat, July 26, we’ll be hosting a Family Fun Day at Hidden Valley Park in New Hope. This event will include a picnic from 12:00 -2:00 and an ice cream social immediately afterwards with games and music. We will need volunteers to help with the following:

- picnic food prep in the church kitchen from 10:00- 11:00 am.

- help transport and set up the picnic food & supplies at the park.

- help serve the food and keep the serving table replenished.

- pick up dry ice/ice cream & supplies

- help serve ice cream

- help clean up and bring supplies back to church


Help take care of little ones (10 years and under) while their parents are out serving the community. Helpers are needed Thursday and Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We will use one of the nursery rooms in the church.


Prayer will be crucial to the effectiveness of this mission. Everyone is encouraged to sign-up for a 1-hour time slot to pray for not only our church activities and volunteers, but also for those in our community that we will be interacting with. We hope to share God’s love with many in our surrounding neighborhood!


During the service on Sunday, July 28, the Church will truly leave the building! We will gather at our usual time of 10:15, have a short worship set, get some instructions, and then go out into our community to serve! Specifically, we will be cleaning up parks in New Hope – Picking up garbage, weeding, sweeping, and possibly doing small landscape projects. Then everyone will then return to church at noon for a picnic. Come appropriately dressed and ready to serve!

Questions? Contact Lorna Untiedt, 612-532-2958.