Serve our World

God calls us to enlarge our heart for the whole world, beyond our backyard. Through Kingdom Builders, our annual, all-location vision campaign, we are living out the call to be witnesses—not only locally, but even to the ends of the earth.


Heshima Children's Center, Kenya

Founded by Evergreen members, Eric and Tracey Hagman, Heshima Children's Center provides physical, mental, and spiritual support for children with special needs. Largely shunned by the community, these children and their mothers are given a new hope through Heshima and Dignity Designs. 


Kingdom Farm, Cameroon 

Missionaries Gaston & Shelly Kingue have been planting crops and raising chickens in order to raise funds to serve the people of Cameroon in the name of Jesus Christ. Their project focus is caring for the poor, widows, and orphans of Cameroon. With help from Kingdom Builders, Kingdom Farm will provide funds to help older children of widows—in particular those who are university level—to complete their education.